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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A bit of a saga...

In one of my Wool on Sunday posts last year, I wrote about a knitting project ( a ripple stitch throw) that had been misplaced for a few years, and how I'd found it in a ziplock bag of yarns...😕
I had only knitted a few inches when I had put that project away and forgot about it.

Well I re-started the throw and when it was about 60cm long, I put it aside while I worked on other things.
Then, about 3 weeks ago I found out that my cousin Lucy, who already is battling Lymphoma had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and was facing a fairly large operation. I wanted to do something for her and after a 'lightbulb moment', I decided that that something would be to finish that chevron/ripple stitch throw and send that to Lucy. So began some feverish knitting and because of the  hot weather, quite a bit of cranking up the air con!

But I must digress slightly...
One night there was a big boxing match here in Australia ( in Adelaide) and DH organized the 'pay for view' of this match and invited 2 of his golf cronies over to watch with him. My plan to spend the evening in another room was scuttled when one of the cronies brought his wife I sat in the lounge with everyone. It wasn't long before I just had to pick up my knitting...the chevron throw project, and I started knitting.

After a while I sensed that one of the golf cronies ( not the one who brought his wife along) was looking in my direction. Eventually I looked up and smiled at him. He had a really nostalgic look on his face and he said quite wistfully...'My mum and my late wife used to knit...' How sweet...obviously some lovely memories for him.

Anyway back to my story...I finished the throw for Lucy last Saturday.

After the photo shoot the throw was folded and tied with ribbon...
This photo actually shows the colours more accurately than the previous collage of pics

Then posted on Monday. And Australia Post won through...yep the parcel was safely delivered to the Sydney address this morning, and I received this photo...the rug with its beautiful new owner.

Please keep Lucy in your thoughts as she fights her way to better health. 💕💕

Monday, February 20, 2017


Kookaburras, cockatoos, parrots and emus are some of the well known Australian birds. The first 3 can be seen in suburban areas and in the last few months we've noticed that there seem to be more kookaburras around. These iconic birds are sometimes called 'laughing jackasses' as that is what the early white settlers thought their call was like. Here is a You Tube video of a kookaburra laughing.

In the last week or so we've had kookaburras sitting on our veranda railing...

Sitting on the side fence...

They have been sitting on the clothes line...completely ignoring the noisy miner bird ( a pesky bird that likes to swoop on other birds) and the magpies at ground level.
This photo was taken last week and the hot weather we've had and are still having is rather evident. We've had some rain since then so the brown patch has greened up somewhat.

And today we had a kooka sitting on the BBQ which is at one end of our side photo of him/her there but then the kookaburra flew to the clothesline which is a favourite spot of many birds that visit the garden...but today was special! The wind was blowing so the rotary clothes line started the bird was having a ride on the clothes line just like heaps of Aussie children have done over the years! 😆

And DH filmed it!
After a lot of mucking around I think I've finally got a link to that video that might actually work! The link will go to my Box account where I store a lot of documents. Often when people ask me for a knitting pattern, I send them a link to my Box account as I have a few knitting files in it. So here is the link to the cute video of a kookaburra having a ride on our clothesline! lol
Because it is a mp4 file it does need to download...hope it works!!

A fun packed weekend!

Last weekend was spent with friends; most of them I have met over the years through blogging. On Saturday we had arranged to all meet up at Browns Plain for a lunch with a very special visitor from New South was Donna, aka Chookyblue!

But there is a patchwork shop at Browns Plain so most of us left home early so we could visit the shop before lunch...😉

I was quite restrained in my shopping...

Then it was time to head off to the Browns Plains Tavern...

It was a lovely catch up with blogging friends and our lovely guest of honour...

My lunch was a pumpkin salad with grilled chicken...delicious!

We staying chatting for quite a few hours, enjoying catching up and also enjoying the air conditioning  in the Tavern.

Most of these friends are also Sunday Stitchers too! And of course the next day was our February Sunday Stitchers meet up at Orneau.
So on Sunday there were comments about 'how it was ages since we'd seen each other' wink wink! Lol

We had some delightful Show and Tell on Sunday...
From Michelle...

From Marilyn...

From Helen...

At Sunday Stitchers we all work on our own projects. I worked on some EPP using some of my Liberty stash...

It was a great weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Playing Tourist in our home town!

Our granddaughter's New Zealand grandmother came over for the first birthday celebrations last week. Our son in law and DsD2 of course had to work most of the week that she was here, so DH and I offered to 'take her around' on the Wednesday. It's always fun showing visitors around our city.
First stop was at the lookout at Mt Coot-tha. Val had been here before, but only at night to see the city lights. In the daytime it certainly looks different and you can see out to the islands in the bay. DH is fabulous at pointing out landmarks...

After a coffee in the Kuta Café on Mt Coot-tha we headed off to our next destination, Redcliffe, which is just north of Brisbane. We travelled north on the Gateway Motorway. Near Bald Hills the motorway was swathed in smoke from a scrub and grass fire in the area...bit of excitement!

Once at Redcliffe we headed to the Bee Gees Walk. When they were children, this group lived at Redcliffe and a few years ago the council there decided that something honouring these famous former residents should be built. DH and I first visited this in 2013, not long after it first opened. I wrote about it here...and I had taken lots of photos on that day which I included in that post.
Over the years we have taken visitors from interstate and overseas there as it's something so different to the norm...and very well done.

And Val loved it!

DH and I enjoyed seeing what had been added in Stage 2, including a large screen with a number of videos of the Bee Gees running continuously.

Lunch was at the Belvedere Hotel at Woody Point which is also on the Redcliffe Peninsula...lovely food and views out over the sea...perfect!

 After lunch we had one more stop before heading back to home. We took Val to Shorncliffe; a beach suburb of Brisbane. We regaled her with both our childhood memories of travelling to this beach by train...always a favourite outing. The old Shorncliffe Pier was demolished a few years ago and has been rebuilt. The locals had won their fight to have their beloved pier rebuilt. It was very quiet the day we were there; it's normally crowded with people fishing and walking.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bingil Bay, North Queensland...

Recently I commented that I had been sifting through photos on my phone and iPad with a view to clearing some storage space by getting rid of photos already used in the blog or other social media posts. And I have found quite a few 'future blog post photos' which will mean a bit of 'to-ing and fro-ing'; both in time and place!
So this post is going back in time to November last year and the place is North Queensland. In my mind, I had made 2016 the year of meeting up with longlost relatives and after meeting up with cousins in Western Australia, New South Wales and even my home city here, the year was running out and I still had to visit 2 cousins in North Qld. My cousin was quite concerned that it would be November when we finally got there; she warned of really, really hot weather and bad storms which feature at that time of year.
Yes it was hot (ish) but luckily there were no wild storms while we were there. On our first full day in the Innisfail area we had visited relatives of my dad's first wife for morning tea. The plan was that we should then have lunch at a favourite Cafe of my cousin. This Cafe was in South Johnstone.

We followed in our hire car and stopped behind my cousin's car, in the little main street. You could see the smoke stacks of the town's sugar mill...

We could also see that the Cafe had closed up and gone out of business.

Not to be deterred, my cousin took us to another favourite Cafe at Bingil Bay.

We sat at the side of the Cafe in a little covered area.

It was hot (ish) and I was absolutely entranced by the 'ceiling fan'...

Isn't that a delightfully vintage fan? 😃

As we waited for our order I noticed the public phone box near our well camouflaged it was!

I had noticed a bit of purple in the decor and this extended to some outdoor seating near the entrance

What a fun place, and our salads were delightful too. 

Some more on Australia Post...

My recent post on Australia Post certainly struck a chord with many readers...both here in Australia and overseas. It seems like many of us suffer poor service and pay high rates for it at that! And some of us have stories of mail going astray.
Not long after I published that post, Vireya sent me a link to a news service with an article about Australia Post. A report on salaries of AP Executives had been released publically despite opposition by AP hierarchy.

What a coincidence that I should write a post about AP ( and it's price hikes and poor service) at about the same time that details of the salary of the CEO of AP should have been made public.

Yep! The CEO receives a salary of $4.4 million plus a bonus of $1.2 million. He receives 10 times the salary of our Prime Minister and 119 times the salary of the postal workers...except those 5 executives of AP who receive $1.8 p/a. So there you go...and they said that AP is making losses and prices had to go up????

NannaChel commented that she could remember 2 postal deliveries per day Monday to Friday and one on Saturdays. And I can remember that too...but it seems so long ago. After reading Chel's comment I remembered an item that had belonged to DH's mother. I guess it's a family heirloom...and at present, DH is the 'keeper' of my MiL's treasures.

It is a postcard...

It is dated 1909...

The postcard was sent from Brisbane city to the suburb of Kangaroo Point...not a great distance, but then again in 1909 Brisbane wasn't very big and roads weren't the best.

The postcard was written by DH's great aunt, who at 16 years old worked in the city. She wrote the message to her mother in the morning and the card was delivered in the afternoon of the same day. yep! Same day! Great Aunt Ethel wanted to let her mother know that if she wasn't home by 8pm, she had gone to see a play.

Now in light of the present day era of phones, mobile phones and emails it may not sound impressive, but to me it was amazing!
Just a few more details about that 1909 postcard...the photo on the front is of the Toowoomba Hospital. Even though after Federation in 1901 and the setting up of the Post Master General's department to oversee postal and telegraph services, the stamp on the postcard is issued by the Queensland government. It wasn't until 1911 that the federal government issued stamps. In 1911, Aussies could send a letter anywhere in Australia for 1 penny.
So there we have a bit of history.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The little red stool...

Last December DH and I checked out the children's section at IKEA with the idea of finding something for our granddaughter's Christmas present. I noticed the little step stools and my interest was piqued.

The 'teacher part of me' could see what a versatile gift this could be. Obviously for use as a set of steps, a seat, or in imaginative play the stool could become a  car or boat, but also a possible 'stage'/ dolls house for games with the Duplo people or other toys; or whatever Anthea's imagination could come up with. 😃
But then that same 'teacher part of me' thought of such scenarios as the stool falling on little feet/toes/squashing little fingers, or a little person falling off the stool and hurting herself. My vivid imagination also could 'see' the possibility that the said stool could be used to open doors etc for a potential Houdini!

But we still bought it! And yesterday at a family get together at DsD2's place, I watched Anthea having fun with her IKEA stool.

She has learned how to climb steps and how to go down steps safely on her bottom...

I think she likes her stool!